Thaw meals prior to any heating to allow food to be more evenly heated.


Heat by placing food on a plate to allow more even cooking.


Enjoy your delicious meal.

Thawing prior to heating is highly recommended

(depending on microwave power)
Normal size 12oz 2-3 Min. 
Large size 17oz 3-4 Min.

Conventional Oven 
Preheat oven 300 degrees
Place meal in an Oven-Safe dish
Heat for 10-15 minutes

Completely Frozen
(depending on microwave power)
Take meal out of plastic wrap and tray place meal on a microwave safe plate 
Normal size 12oz 3 Min.
Large size 17oz 4 Min.

Conventional Oven 
Preheat Oven 350 degrees
Place meal in an Oven-Safe dish cover with lid or tin foil
Heat for 25-35 minutes 

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